I'm an 18 year old talented artist with a random personality and a wicked sense of humor. I post art here from time to time and reblog anything that I find funny or amusing for everyone to see.
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Anonymous asked: One drawing of Gumball and Darwin hugging Molly would be cute. :)

A drawing request right down my lane. :D

I really like the idea of these three together, especially after seeing The Void.


t-fighterx9 asked: How do you do your art? It looks really good! Do you use tablets, MS Paint or a special program on your computer?

While practice is my main reason, my main tools are a Bamboo tamblet and Paint Tool Sai, with my own custom brush settings to fit my needs. ^^


Sorry everyone. I didn’t realize I didn’t allow asks to be added on my blog.

Must have been a glitch or something back in the summer when all my accounts were hacked.

tumblrbot asked: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?



Decided to post this because I was like “whatevs, no one’s gonna notice this.”

BTW title has 2 links :y