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wani-ramirez submitted:

Hey you go, you butt.

Amount of bells I have…. its over 9000!


Godzilla movie posters by Noriyoshi Ohrai

Everything about these posters always fills my head with imagination. These are probably one of the most influential images I’ve ever seen, I swear. The more you like, the more you get hooked in.
Self-reblogging a third time for the new Godzilla movie! Yay for Goji!

Gumball doodles I did this week :p




I wonder if a history of lewd art might really hold me back one day from working on cartoons or something. stuff like this is why i spurge out. but in the end I just abandon all my hopes and dreams and come back.

Maybe I should commit sudoku.

Aaaand I have the same problem. Wonder if anyone has been fired/refused a job for lewd art history.

I’m pretty worried about it too, but I’ve seen alot of artists who work on shows draw lewd art OF the characters from what they’re working on. They usually publish it sometime after their contracts expire.

I’m still a little worried about it, but I honestly feel a bit safer knowing even professionals draw porn. I guess it’s just a matter of where you put it/what you do with it. I’m sure you’re not gonna put anything racy in your professional portfolio if you’re trying to get hired for a job. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with pin-ups though.

I’m hopin the industry understands that porn is just another thing that’s drawn by dozens of thousands of artists. I’m happy with some of the smut I’ve drawn, but truth be told, tumblr is really the only place I would go flaunting it.